Directory Services

Up-to-date and powerful directories

Business ConneCT provides all users access to up-to-date and powerful directories that also show phone status and presence status information. In addition to a company directory, employees can create their own personal buddy list. The directory not only provides name and telephone number but over 80 other contact attributes including photo.

Booking a table for a business lunch? Search the Yellow Pages on the Internet, select the phone number and hit the pre-defined shortcut key to initiate the phone call. The Hotkey Dialer can dial any phone number in any application on the screen. If you can select it, you can dial it.

The Business ConneCT directory can also be accessed from DECT handsets, or XML desktop terminals to offer a truly central directory concept including phone status and presence status information.

The Business ConneCT directory can be linked to other directories, such that it fits best in your environment. It offers integration with MA4000 (NEC’s management system), but also with Microsoft® Active Directory, creating a single point of entry and management of user data.

Directory Services at a Glance
  • Central Directory
  • Internal, External and Personal
  • Search while you type
  • Click-to-Dial
  • Phone, PC and Calendar Status
  • MA4000 System Management Integration
  • MS Active Directory Integration
  • Accessible from:
    - Desktop PC
    - Mobile Smart Phones
    - Desktop terminals
    - IPDECT terminals

Employee features: